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Opened in 1978, Meltemi, is a traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine taverna restaurant carried down the years on family ties. 

A settlement on one of the oldest structures well over 100 years old, Meltemi is the first tavern established on the island of Donoussa.

Nicola Venetsano a native from Donoussa came up with the brilliant idea of offering his warm hospitality and cuisine literally from his home with his wife Ourania. 


The first Meltemi!


Full scale painting on wall with images of Donoussa island and Meltemi taverna.

Enjoying authentic Greek cuisine surrounded by hand made wall painted art. 

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The Artist Stamatis

at work designing 

The paintings on the rusty walls showcased imagery of the island surroundings painted by his wife's brother.

Prior to arriving on the island in the 80's there was no port and a fisherman's wooden boat would reach mid ways out to sea to receive tourists from the ferries. Very often due to the difficulty of unloading goods, people would have to jump from the huge rear door of the ship into the small boat. Nevertheless, for the adventurous and curious guests finally to land foot on the island to find peace and tranquility, there was also a place for them to enjoy dinner in a comfortable and naturally poetically romantic setting.





Throughout the years, as the number of people discovering one of the best kept secrets in the aegean sea increased, the port was finally built.

Nicola was the first to promote his island with "flyers" and offering his quality organic cooking to the tourists.

His warm and soulful smile was an opening to make you feel instantly at home. 

In the 90's his family decided it was time to expand and relocate the tavern even closer to the sea. So, he made his family home into a tavern restaurant. The new tavern's location was now in the main square of the village Stavros, and the home/tavern right next to it- both located within a breath distance of each other.

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